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Moonshine fishing

Creation of conceptual art, character design and development in its entirety of art for the game ¨Moonshine Fishing¨, created by Dionysos Games.

"There are the three lakes. Deep in the rocks, dark and unaccessable for
everyone, no path, no route, nothing. Once a month, with the moon in full
gloom, there come the fishes. Shiny and seductive, they glitter and spark
and float in the dark water, delicous and
desirable and so far away.

There are the brave ones. Fishermen, bold, born without fear that dare to
jump into the darkness. Deep and long is the jump and uncertain is the
return. They take a net and nothing else. Pure and strong they go for the
fishes, and with whatever they catch they take the rope to be pulled back
by their kindsmen to savety. And wealth and fame and immortality them

But many wont return.

These fishes are holy. These fishes belong to a god. This is the story of the brave fishermen of the lakes of the god of moonfish".

The Gathering

The Gathering